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Ukil Machinery Company are international textile warping experts. Ukil manufactures direct warpers, sectional warpers and spun sizing products.
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Drying Section

Drying Section

The UKIL eXpert Dyer cylinder drying section is designed to provide consistent, quality drying of the wet yarn as it passes through the drying section. The yarn exits the size box and passes vertically into the drying section, which increases access to the yarn sheet and offers the least stressful path to the drying cylinders. Our drying section configurations are determined by the application, we have numurous layouts to fit any styling need with unique designs to ensure even drying throughout the drying proccess. We also have a wide range of methods to drive the cylinders with single motor, multi-motor and combination driven/freewheeling systems. All designs are configured to minimize the tension/stretch of the yarn sheet to ensure the loom beam has the highest possible performance in weaving.

General Specifications PDF
Standard Specifications
Dry Cylinder specifications:  800mmØ x working width + 200mm
Working steam pressure:  5 Bar
Temperature control:  RTD / controlled in 2-can groups
Drying section drive system: Tension controlled by load cell (± 1.0 GPE)
Stretch:  Monitored (within 0.01% stretch)
Drive type:  Self-lub chain (final stack only)
Overoiler/waxer:  Steam heated
Hood: Buyer to arrange hood locally as per UKIL design
Exhaust fans: 16000m3/hr. per fan


Drying Section Options

1 – Box, 20 Cylinders

1-box drying section


2 – Box, 4,4,8 Cylinders

2-box drying section

2- Box, 2,2,10 Cylinders