Ukil | SES Drying Section
Ukil Machinery Company are international textile warping experts. Ukil manufactures direct warpers, sectional warpers and spun sizing products.
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SES Drying Section

eXpert Cylinder Drier

Once the yarn exits the pre-dry oven it enters the five cylinder drying section for completing the drying process. The cylinders are 800mm in diameter, steam heated (up to 5 bar steam pressure) and Teflon coated. Each cylinder is equipped with journals and 62mm bearing assemblies with steam side journals drilled and tapped for 25mm rotary joints and drive journals tapped to 19mm are included.

Steam and condensate piping is arranged so the cylinders will be individually controlled. The piping includes the steam and condensate headers, 25mm rotary joints for steam side, siphon tubes, flexible steam and condensate hose, steam traps, temperature control valves, RTD’s, main PRV and 25mm BSSV vacuum breakers.

150mm Ø Teflon coated load cell rolls are located at both the entrance and exit to the drying section. The drying section is tension controlled using an 11kW AC Vector motor. A straight comb holder is mounted at the entrance and exit of the drying section. The mechanism oscillates in a fan like motion to prevent the yarn from sticking when the machine stops and reduces wear. A static eliminator bar is located after the comb at the exit of the drying section.

General Specifications PDF
Standard Specifications

Dry Cylinder specifications:  800mmØ x working width + 200mm
Working steam pressure:  5 Bar
Temperature control:  RTD / individually controlled
Drying section drive system: Tension controlled by load cell (± 1.0 GPE)
Stretch:  Monitored (within 0.01% stretch)
Drive type:  Self-lub chain (final stack only)
Piping All pressure reducing valves-temperature control valves-gauges-vacuum breakers and pop-off valve
Reed Oscillating reed stand at entrance and exit
Overoiler/waxer:  Steam heated 20 liter waxing box 15 liter melting pot variable speed"Kiss" roll
Static elimination Static bar at exit
Braking device Motor controlled deceleration
Optional 3 Cylinders Instead of 5 cylinders
Optional Canless Instead of 5 cylinders
Optional Cooling chamber Air flow with yarn direction (8500 kcal/hr.)
Optional Hood: Buyer to arrange hood locally as per UKIL design

Drive Side


Steam Side


Load Cell Roll

LC roll