Ukil | Direct Warper (filament)
Ukil Machinery Company are international textile warping experts. Ukil manufactures direct warpers, sectional warpers and spun sizing products.
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Direct Warper (filament)

Warping to maximize production, quality and profit
Direct Warper

The eXport-1200 Direct Warping machine is designed to maximize production in warping, minimize broken filaments and precise tension control of all the ends to produce the best quality section beams for the sizing process. We offer all types of creel arrangements and tension devices to meet the needs of any styling or yarn requirement. Stopmotion and static eliminators are located at the exit of the creel sections. Heavy duty steel construction is used throughout the warper head to ensure high production and long dependable service life. The drive and control system use the latest in technology to offer the best performance, most dependable service and easiest operating system available.

General Specifications PDF
Standard Specifications

Beam flange diameter: 1000mm /
Sheet width:   1500mm to 2400mm
Beam type:  Journal or Euro-gear
Running speed:  1200 m/min
Winding tension:  40kg.
Drive motor (standard):  AC 15kW vector motor
Minimum pitch: Package diameter + 40mm
No of step:  6 to 10 steps in zigzag or inline arrangement
Creel types: H type gate (swivel) or transfer
Yarn guides: 99% Alumina ceramic
Press roll: FRP coated roller with kickback function
Optional: Motor driven delivery roll with L/C tension control



Package Creels


The UKIL eXpert filament Creel options are all designed to provide high performance tension control of the yarn during all phases of operation. Two different “H” type creel options are available (Transfer and Gate). Regardless of the creel type heavy duty construction is used throughout the creel. The number of packages and spacing between them is designed to meet the specific need of the application and if necessary custom designed to fit in areas with limited space.

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Tensioners (filament)


Ukil offers a wide range of tension devices, from a simple post and disk, ring/washer to a self adjusting oil dancer arm along with various models that combine different types of tensioners. For the most demanding applications we can offer an electromagnetic device with post control. All of our devices are build precisely to meet any requirement and designed to maintain consistent tension throughout the creel, side to side as well as from the front of the creel to the back.

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“S”-Roll Assembly


The eXpert “S” Roll Stand is a device which is used to control the yarn sheet tension delivered to the warper on styles where precise tension consistency is critical. The yarn is delivered to the S-Roll stand through an eyeboard and comb to properly arrange the ends coming from the creel. The first roll is the grip roll, the second roll is adjustable to increase or decrease the wrap angle of the rolls. Both rolls have a matt finish to help in gripping the yarn. Once the yarn leaves the s-rolls, it passes through a series of combs, laser yarn inspector, stabilizing rods and static eliminator bar. The assembly uses an AC motor with load cell control to precisely maintain the proper setpoint tension. Optional overoiler and accumulator are available when desired.

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Direct Warping Head (filament)


The UKIL eXpert Winder is designed to provide consistent section beam winding performance, stable and consistent tension control, and easy, safe use to the operator. Heavy duty steel fabrication eliminates flexing common to many designs. Large frame rails and cross members are matched to the expected loads and working width required for the application. The head and tailstock have motorized movement for doffing the beams. The comb assembly has motorized movement and can use either a straight/swing or zigzag/expansion comb configuration. The press roll assembly is designed for perfect alignment to maximize performance and consistency throughout the beam build. The press roll pressure is regulated through the pneumatic system and is monitored on the operator control panel. Automatic kick-back is a standard feature on all warpers and prevents scuffing of the beam during stops.

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Direct Warper Drive-Controls (filament)


The UKIL warper drive and controls utilize the latest technology to provide the highest performance, most constant beam quality possible. A color touchscreen allows the user to easily view operating conditions and initiate commands. Software includes a machine control program run on a PC under Microsoft Windows 7 with a real time extension. Control software is IEC 61131-3 compliant and interfaces with Microsoft Visual Basic. State of the art EtherCAT communication is fast and reliable. The UKIL warper drive/controls offer the best performance, most dependable service and easiest operating system available.

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