Ukil | Sectional Warper (filament)
Ukil Machinery Company are international textile warping experts. Ukil manufactures direct warpers, sectional warpers and spun sizing products.
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Sectional Warper (filament)

Sectional Warper Head

The UKIL Filament eXpert Sectional Warper is designed and engineered for the 21st century and is suitable for the production of high quality warps for high speed weaving machines and the production of high quality fabrics. The warper can produce high quality warps for any type filament yarn or type of weaving machine. It also guarantees high productivity and quality by increasing efficiency through high-tech servo controls The warping drum is of heavy duty construction, perfectly cylindrical, and is equipped with a fixed inclined plane. The fixed cone angle (5°, 7°, 9° , 11°) is determined by the application and the yarn styling to be run. The warping table is operated by means of a proprietary servo control system that enables the initial and subsequent sections to be automatically and precisely positioned in both the X and Y axes. Process variables include drum revolution, warp length, sections, drum speed, and process speed.

General Specifications PDF
Standard Specifications
Working width 1800mm to 5500mm
Max. warping take-up speed 800MPM
Max. warping tension 80kg.
Drive motor 15kw (standard)
Feed rate specification Pre-set level of 0.001~8mm/rev.
Feed rate automatically calculated Checked twice on 1st. section
Jog speed by foot pedal
Operator input/computer Industrial Touch Screen
Sectional warping data storage up to 999 styles
Section width 350 mm / 500mm / 800mm
Pattern reversing Optional
Inclined plane angle Fixed 5° 7° 9° 11°
Drum diameter 1000 mm
Drum circumference 3142 mm
Section press roll controlled (automatically)
Drum brakes Dual Hydraulic discs (both sides)
Leasing Stand

The leasing stand provides one touch automatic leasing. The assembly will include the reed stand, reed (1150mm width) and pneumatically raised rods. This assembly is a quick and easy way to put an end to end lease in each band. The leasing sequence, number of leases, length between leases, etc. are style programmable. An air blowing device and static elminator bar are optional.

2013-11-05 14.48.30

The warping drum is of heavy duty 8mm mild steel construction, perfectly cylindrical, and is equipped with a fixed inclined plane. Working widths 1,800mm to 5,500mm and cone angle of 5°, 7°, 9°, 11°. Hooks are located along the face of the drum to tie on bands and at the end of the drum to tie on the lease strings.

2013-11-04 19.23.15

Two hydraulic disc brakes located on each side of the drum are used to stop the drum in the quickest manner possible when warping. These brakes along with the drive motor are also used to create the sheet tension required when beaming. The drive/control system automatically controls the brake pressure to the style set point.


The reed table is used to create the proper band width and position the band onto the drum. The reed can be a single swing reed, zig zag or “v” type. High precision servo motors are used to control the X and Y movement with the control system automatically positioning the reed at the proper starting point and movement through the running of a band.