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Ukil Machinery Company are international textile warping experts. Ukil manufactures direct warpers, sectional warpers and spun sizing products.
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Drive / Controls (SW filament)

Sectional Warper Drive Controls

The UKIL eXpert drive/process control system utilizes the latest in hardware and software technology to offer the best performance, most dependable service and easiest system to operate available. A color touchscreen is used to display operating conditions and initiate commands. The graphic program is specialized for sectional warping machine operation with easy to understand symbols and illustrations. The software includes a machine control program running on the PC under Microsoft Windows 7 with a real time extension. Control software is IEC 61131-3 compliant, the operator interface utilizes Microsoft Visual Basic. The Ethercat communication is a fast, reliable, “state of the art” control system for the 21st century.

General Specifications PDF
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HMI Touch Screen


The UKIL Drive System uses Yaskawa A1000 high performance AC vector (servo rated) drives with SEW gearmotors for the drum and beamer along with Yaskawa servo motors for precision movement of the drum and table. Drive regulation is under the direction of the control program, which utilizes encoder feedback, position sensors, and tension sensors to provide a mathematically derived position, torque, or speed setpoint for each drive in the system. The drives have an inter-connected DC buss system so that drives that are regenerating produce power for the drives that are motoring, reducing overall power consumption for the most efficient operation.


The drive is designed to eliminate the common drive control related problems that occur on beaming machines. Standard features include a 480mm LCD touchscreen with complete process control and drive integration, calibrated tension control, elimination of operator adjustments at beam start-up, style programmable creep, slow, and fast speeds, and complete motion control at all times. A graphical alarm system allows for quick identification of out of tolerance machine conditions and machine stop causes. Process stop causes are mill programmable on a style by style basis for tolerance level and length of acceptable out of tolerance conditions. The PC utilizes compact flash card technology rather than hard drives for more reliable service life. The system is rated for 50 Deg C ambient operation and comes with a 2Gb Compact Flash card containing all programs including the Windows 7 embedded operating system. Easy to copy for emergency backup, the Compact Flash technology is extremely reliable.


Beam winding employs motion control techniques rather than torque control alone in order to eliminate the typical problems at beam start up. Tension is style programmable throughout the loom beam buildup. Taper tension can be programmed as a function of beam diameter or yardage length. At the start of a new beam the operator simply tapes or wraps the sheet to the beam core face and presses the run push button.


The beam will automatically advance at a rate proportional to the drum in order to wind the taped or wrapped seam under two layers of yarn without pulling the yarn loose, and will then begin to wind under tension. It is much easier and safer for the operator because they do not have to hold the sheet in position as the beam rotates, or “baby” the tension control potentiometer. There is not a tension control potentiometer to adjust, as all tension reference is a function of the style data. At new beam startup, torque is calculated based upon the style data end count and tension setpoint. Initially, the beam control enters a phase of precise diameter calculation while maintaining programmed tension with tension feedback controlling torque. When the control logic is satisfied with the diameter measurement accuracy, beam tension control switches to pure motion control, eliminating unsatisfactory inertia calculations and friction compensation during acceleration and deceleration.


Tension control regulation is +/- 1 grams per end. A rugged, precision load cell is used to measure and control the loom beam sheet tension. Quadrature motor encoders are used to measure speed and beam diameters.



Main Drive

Ethercat I/O

Beckhoff I/O


Drum Drive Motor

Process Control

The UKIL Process Control System with Touchscreen operator interface utilizes 21st century technology. The software includes a machine control program running on the PC under Microsoft Windows 7 with a real time extension. Control software is IEC 61131-3 compliant, which is a universal standard. The operatorSectional Warper Home Screen interface utilizes Microsoft Visual Basic. When connected by Ethercat to the I/O, servo drives, and AC Vector drives, the result is a fast, reliable, “state of the art” control system for the 21st century.

Features include:

  • PC control system running Microsoft Windows 7 embedded
  • Operator Interface is MS Windows based
  • Ethercat distributed I/O system
  • AC Vector and servo drives connected through Ethercat
  • Touchscreen operator functions, no keyboard or mouse
  • Large, easy to read 480mm color display
  • Ethernet (100mb) connection for host systems
  • Ethernet connection for remote troubleshooting and modifications
  • Modular I/O system for simple field replacement
  • 3C Labeling on all electrical cabinets
  • Equipped as standard with Teamviewer for remote troubleshooting / help

Pressing the appropriate command pushbuttons on the display carries out operator functions. Pop up numeric and alphanumeric keypads appear on screen for easy entry of data when required. Process alarms and optional machine stopping levels are programmable on a style by style basis. All process faults may be selected for machine stop with a mill programmable length of stop activation. The process level and length of out of tolerance acceptance are mill determined.

Safety machine stops or drive faults are recorded for the last 10 faults and displayed on the screen. A set of Stop/Creep/Slow/Fast pushbuttons are located on the right side of the LCD Touchscreen for operator use. If the machine will not operate in any speed (creep/slow/fast), the pushbutton for that speed will display a red slash through it and pressing the pushbutton will show the reason it is inhibited.


I/O is the rugged and fast Ethercat I/O. I/O is distributed on the machine close to connecting points, reducing the length and complication of field wiring. All I/O is simple plug in replacement when required.

Warper Home Screen

Sectional Warper Home Screen

Reed Data Screen

Reed Data Screen

Beamer Home Screen

Beamer Home Screen

Beamer Tension Screen

Beamer Tension Screen