Ukil | History
Ukil Machinery Company are international textile warping experts. Ukil manufactures direct warpers, sectional warpers and spun sizing products.
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Company History

January 1977

Ukil Machinery founded by Wee-GuHur as a private company


February 1979

Developed Automatic Sectional Warper Model UI-201


July 1979

Exported model UI-201 to Bangladesh for the first time


February 1980

Exported model UI-201 to Indonesia for the first time


May 1981

Developed Automatic Sectional Warper Model UI-201S


April 1985

Developed Automatic Sectional Warper Model UI-301S


July 1985

Awarded Advanced Machinery Development Company by Small & Medium Business Administration of Korea Government


September 1986

Awarded Korea Textile Contributor by Textile Association of Korea


May 1988

Awarded Advanced Manufacturing Company by Business Administration


October 1988

Awarded Most Advanced Machinery Developer by Science and Technology Administration of Korea


April 1988

Awarded best CEO by Korea Business Association


October 1988

Developed Automatic Sectional Warper Model UI-505


July 1992

Acquired Patent (No. 066216, 066219, 166221) for Sectional Warper


May 1995

Attended OTEMAS (Osaka Textile Machinery Exhibition) in Japan


June 1995

Exported to China for the first time


July 1995

Went from Private Company to a Limited Company


July 1996

Acquired EM (Excellent Machinery) Mark from Korean Government


November 1996

Awarded $1,000,000 Export Tower by Korea Trading Association


December 1997

Acquired ISO 9001


June 1997

Attended Shanghai Tex


September 1998

Awarded Bronze Medal of Industry by Korean Government


November 1998

Awarded $5,000,000 Export Tower by Korean Trading Association


May 1999

Attended ITMA (International Textile Machinery Exhibition), Paris


June 2000

Acquired CE Mark


November 2000

Opened R&D Center


May 2001

Developed Direct Warper UDS-500


September 2001

Attended ITMA Asia, Singapore


November 2001

Developed Filament Sizing Machine Model Expert


April 2002

Joined with Ira. L. Griffin Sons as OEM supplier


May 2002

Developed Long Chain Beamer and Creel


January 2003

Developed Sectional Sizing Machine


June 2003

Developed Flat Warping Machine


June 2004

Developed Automatic Sectional Warper Model UI-505SI


November 2004

Appointed Gold Member of Company to Busan Bank


February 2005

Exported to Japan for the first time


October 2005

Applied new control system using PC control from Beckhoff, Germany


March 2006

Developed Spun Sizing Machine Expert Model


November 2006

Partnered with Morrison Textile Machinery Co., USA for OEM Supplier and Strategic Partner of Denim Long Chain Beamer.


July 2008

Attended ITMA Asia + CITME in Shanghai, China


February 2009

Developed Glass Fiber Sizing Machine Expert Model


April 2009

Attended Vietnam Saigon Textile & Garment Industry Expo 2009 in Hochiminh City, Vietnam.


September 2011

Attended ITMA (International Textile Machinery Exhibition) in Barcelona, Spain


November 2011

Attended Korea Textile machinery Exhibition, in Daegu City, Korea


June 2013

Developed Wide Beamer Machine (Application to Industrial fabric) Expert Model


Oct 2013

Attended India Textile Machinery Exhibition in Mumbai, India