Ukil | Beamer (filament)
Ukil Machinery Company are international textile warping experts. Ukil manufactures direct warpers, sectional warpers and spun sizing products.
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Beamer (filament)

Sectional Warper Beamer

The UKIL eXpert Winder is designed to provide consistent beam winding performance, stable and consistent tension control, and easy, safe use to the operator. A load cell tension roll located prior to the loom beam measures the sheet tension and the drive/control system uses this information to precisely control the beam tension. Heavy duty steel fabrication eliminates flexing common to many designs. Large frame rails and cross members are matched to the expected loads and working width required for the application. The head and tailstocks move on large diameter, heavy wall main support tubes with intermediate frame supports. Head and tailstocks can be moved individually or simultaneously to adjust the loom beam position in the winder.

General Specifications PDF
Standard Specification
Maximum loom beam diameter 1000mm (1250mm optional)
Working width 1800 to 5500mm
Maximum beaming speed 100M/MPM (standard)
Maximum beaming tension (standard)
Reverse winding 20MPM (optional)
Drive motor 30kw (standard)
Over-oiler/waxer Electric heated (optional)
Ends break memory function Automatic
Doffing system Hydraulic
Beamer press roll (dual rolls) Pneumatically loaded 40-250kg. (optional)

The purpose of the beamer is to unwind the yarn sheet from the sectional warper drum and rewinds it onto a loom beam. The unit is free standing and mounted on wheels so one beamer can be used for two sectional warpers when desired. The head can be configured to run any type loom beam just by supplying the proper drive adapter.


Doff arms are located on both sides of the machine and are hydraulically operated to lift and lower the beams. When the beam is in the proper position the drive spindles move in or out to engage or disengage the beam. Beam adapters are used to connect the loom beam to the drive spindles and can be designed to fix any type loom beam.


A pneumatic operated press roll assembly is available as an option when extra force is needed to pack the loom beam. The unit uses two press rolls which as they rotate are designed to move outward in opposite directions until the ends press up against the beam flange. One set of rolls can run and wide range of beam widths.


An optional electric heated overoiler is available to apply lubricant to the yarn prior to being wound onto the loom beam. The unit is motor drive at up to 2% of the machine speed and infinitely variable. The speed setpoint is style specific and programed through the HMI. The assembly can be lowered so the yarn sheet doesn’t touch the application roll when not in use.