Ukil | Sectional Warper (filament)
Ukil Machinery Company are international textile warping experts. Ukil manufactures direct warpers, sectional warpers and spun sizing products.
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Sectional Warper (filament)

Carefully crafted filament products for every solution
Sectional Warper

The UKIL Filament eXpert Sectional Warper line of machines are all designed to optimize weaving efficiency. With a proven history which leads the industry, our machines take advantage of designs created from our veteran engineering staff using the latest machining principles, assembly technics, and custom designed software/control systems. We combine our extensive process knowledge with the latest hardware available to provide the most dependable, highest efficiency and most dependable sectional warpers on the market. Our goal is to provide equipment that our customers can use to maximize their profits and versatile enough to allow them to expand in any direction the market takes them. Specific designs for any filament or fiber glass yarns.

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Standard Specifications
Working widths 1800mm to 5500mm
Max. warping take-up speed 800mpm
Max. warping tension 80kg.
Drive motor 15kw
Feed rate specification Pre-set level of 0.001~8mm/rev.
Feed rate automatically calculated Checked twice on 1st. section
Jog speed by foot pedal
Operator input/computer Industrial Touch Screen
Sectional warping data storage up to 999 styles
Section width 350 mm 500mm
Inclined plane angle Fixed 5° 7° 9° 11°
Drum diameter 1000 mm
Drum circumference 3142 mm
Section press roll Pneu. controlled (automatically)
Drum brakes Dual Hydraulic discs (both sides)

Package Creels (spun)


The UKIL eXpert creel options are designed to provide high performance tension control of the yarn during all phases of operation. Three different H-creel options are available. Heavy duty construction is used throughout each type of creel. The number of packages and spacing between them is designed to meet specific needs of the application. If necessary, creels can be custom designed to fit in small spaces.

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Tensioners (SW)


Ukil offers a wide range of tension devices, from a simple post/disc to a self adjusting dancer arm along with various models that combine different types of tensioners. For the most demanding applications we can offer an electromagnetic device with post control. Regardless of the type of tensioner we offer an air blowing system which periodically blows off the tension devices to keep lint from building up and causing tension variation within the creel. All of our devices are build precisely to meet any requirement and designed to maintain consistent tension throughout the creel, side to side as well as from the front of the creel to the back.

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S-Roll (optional)


The eXpert “S” Roll Stand is a device which is used to control the yarn sheet tension delivered to the warper on styles where precise tension consistency is critical. The yarn is delivered to the S-Roll stand through an eyeboard and comb to properly arrange the ends coming from the creel. The first roll is the grip roll, the second roll is adjustable to increase or decrease the wrap angle of the rolls. Both rolls have a matt finish to help in gripping the yarn. Once the yarn leaves the s-rolls, it passes through a series of combs, laser yarn inspector, stabilizing rods and static eliminator bar. The assembly uses a magnetic particle brake or (optional AC motor with load cell control) to precisely maintain the proper setpoint tension. Optional overoiler when necessary.

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Sectional Warper


The UKIL eXpert Sectional Warper is designed and engineered for the 21st century and is suitable for the production of high quality warps for high speed weaving machines and the production of high quality fabrics. The warper can produce high quality warps for any type spun yarn or type of weaving machine. It also guarantees high productivity and quality by increasing efficiency through high-tech servo controls The warping drum is of heavy duty construction, perfectly cylindrical, and is equipped with a fixed inclined plane. The warping table is operated by means of a proprietary servo control system that enables the initial and subsequent sections to be automatically and precisely positioned. Process variables include drum revolution, warp length, sections, drum speed, and process speed.

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Sectional Warper Beamer


The UKIL eXpert Winder is designed to provide consistent beam winding performance, stable and consistent tension control, and easy, safe use to the operator. A load cell tension roll located prior to the loom beam measures the sheet tension and the drive/control system uses this information to precisely control the beam tension. Heavy duty steel fabrication eliminates flexing common to many designs. Large frame rails and cross members are matched to the expected loads and working width required for the application. The head and tailstocks move on large diameter, heavy wall main support tubes with intermediate frame supports. Head and tailstocks can be moved individually or simultaneously to adjust the loom beam position in the winder.

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Sectional Warper Drive/Control


The UKIL eXpert drive/process control system utilizes the latest in hardware and software technology to offer the best performance, most dependable service and easiest system to operate available. A color touchscreen is used to display operating conditions and initiate commands. The graphic program is specialized for sectional warping machine operation with easy to understand symbols and illustrations. The software includes a machine control program running on the PC under Microsoft Windows 7 with a real time extension. Control software is IEC 61131-3 compliant, the operator interface utilizes Microsoft Visual Basic. The Ethercat communication is a fast, reliable, “state of the art” control system for the 21st century.

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