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Ukil Machinery Company are international textile warping experts. Ukil manufactures direct warpers, sectional warpers and spun sizing products.
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SES Creels

eXpert-SES Creels

Two SES creel options are available, one which eliminates the need for direct warper and feeds the sizing machine directly from a package creel. The second option incorporates an unwind stand that uses direct warper beams to feed the sizer. Regardless of which creel is required, Ukil has the design to deliver the ends into the sizer at a consistent tension throughout the length of the set in all running conditions. One additional option is to have both types of creels to be able to run from a package as well as from a direct warper beam.

General Specifications PDF
Standard Specifications

UI-PD-C Post and disc / Tension ranges: 5-50g / 10-100g / 20-150g
UI-OP-C: Dual spring loaded discs / Tension ranges: 5-50g /10-100g /20-150g
UI-RT-C: Post/disc pre-tensioner with a a series of ring-washers / Tension ranges: 5-50g /10-100g /20-150g
UI-OT-CA: Post/disc pre-tensioner with a self dampening dancer / Tension ranges: 5-50g /10-100g /20-150g
(McCoy) Magnetense: Electromagnetic 0-35g. (fiberglass)
Yarn guides: 99% Alumina ceramic
Broken end detection: High voltage drop wire (Electronic motion sensors – optional)
Static elimination: At exit of creel sections/ S-roll / winder
Creel Choices
Package Creel

The UKIL eXpert filament Package Creel is designed to provide high performance tension control of the yarn during all phases of operation. The “H” type gate creel consists of a series of gates with running packages on the inside and auxiliary packages located on the outside where they can be switched out while the machine is running. To switch between packages the gates are simply rotated 180 degrees. The number of packages and spacing between them is designed to meet the specific need of the application and if necessary custom designed to fit in areas with limited space. Three tensioner options are available.

Beam Let-off Stand

The UKIL eXpert Unwinder is designed specifically for controlling the tension in the yarn sheet as it enters the single end sizer. The unit has a pneumatically operated doffing system to load the direct warper section beam. Drive spindles engage the beam once in position and are used to transmit the torque from the AC Vector brake gearmotor to the yarn sheet as the beam unwinds. The gearmotor is size specifically for the yarns to be run and running speed of the machine. A load cell roll is used to monitor and control the tension to a constant throughout the running of the beam as well as through all running conditions.

Package Creel Options

Uses a pre-tension post and disc system with a series of ring/washers to offer a wide range of tensions within a single tension device. The yarn can be threaded over any combination of rings to increase or decrease the tension. High polished alumina ceramic guides are used throughout the assembly. Tension ranges: 5-50kg, 10-100kg, 20-150kg.

McCoy Magnatense

This tensioner is an electro-magnetic tension device which is designed for the precise tension control (0-35 grams/end) and low broken filament requirements needed for fiber glass yarns. The yarn path has no sharp angles and uses a rotating wheel to transmit the tension to the yarn, both reducing broken filaments when compared to friction type tensioners. Stop motion is built into the tension device to detect broken ends at the earliest possible time.

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Consists of a series of tension posts with an oil dampened dancer arm. The dancer arm has two sets of eyelets which guide the yarn around the tension posts. The dancer arm is spring loaded to develop tension ranges of: 5-50kg, 10-100kg, 20-150kg.

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Static eliminator/stop motion: Located at the front of each creel section, at each row is a static eliminator (shock type). The units automatically turn on when the machine is in run to remove any static build-up in the yarn. An optional high voltage drop wire stop motion is also available when necessary to automatically stop the machine when an end breaks. Broken end cameras are also available as an option.