Ukil | Package Creels (DW)
Ukil Machinery Company are international textile warping experts. Ukil manufactures direct warpers, sectional warpers and spun sizing products.
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Package Creels (DW)

Package Creels

The UKIL eXpert creel options are designed to provide high performance tension control of the yarn during all phases of operation. One V-creel and three different H-creel options are available. Heavy duty construction is used throughout each type of creel. The number of packages and spacing between them is designed to meet specific needs of the application. If necessary, creels can be custom designed to fit in small spaces.

General Specifications PDF
 Standard Specifications

Package pitch  Package diameter + 40mm (minimum)
No of steps   6 to 10 steps in zigzag or inline arrangement
Creel type  “V-Creel” / “H” type gate (swivel) / truck or transfer
Loading and running  Outside loading / inside running “H” type
Creel Options
Ukil V-Creel

The Ukil  V-Creel offers an inside loading and outside running configuration. Empty packages indexed from the running position are replaced with new packages by motorized movement. Anti-ballooning/tensioning bars are adjusted to keep all ends throughout the creel equally tensioned.

Ukil T-Creel

The Ukil T-Creel, or Truck Creel, consists of a series of movable trucks which can be loaded outside of the creel. At the end of a set, the current trucks are removed from the creel and the new loaded trucks are rolled into position. Two sets of trucks are included for quick indexing between sets. This creel is an H-type and is commonly used for pattern styles.

Ukil TR-Creel

The Ukil TR-Creel, or Transfer Creel, offers an outside loading and inside running H-type configuration. Each position has a running package and an auxiliary package, allowing the end of the running package to be tied to the new package for continuous transfer.

Ukil G-Creel

The Ukil G-Creel, or Gate Creel, consists of a series of gates. The running packages are located on the inside while the auxiliary packages are outside, where they can be switched out while the machine is running. To switch between packages the gates are simply rotated 180 degrees.