Ukil | Single End Sizing (SES)
Ukil Machinery Company are international textile warping experts. Ukil manufactures direct warpers, sectional warpers and spun sizing products.
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Single End Sizing (SES)

Single End Sizer (SES)

The eXpert-600 Single End Sizer combines the latest technologies in design and control to provide superior yarn sizing for both filament and fiber glass yarns to optimize the weaving efficiency. Heavy duty construction throughout ensures reliable performance over and long service life. The drive/process control system utilizes the latest in hardware and software technology to offer the best performance, most dependable service and easiest system to operate available. With a proven history which leads the industry, our customers (both new and repeat) benefit from the highest possible weaving performance to maximize profits.

General Specifications PDF
Standard Specifications


Creel Beam Unwind or Package Creel
Working Widths 1780mm to 2400mm
Size Box Single dip double squeeze
Draw Roll (Optional) Motor driven with load cell tension control
Wet-Split 4) stainless steel rods chrome plated water cooled
Pre-Dry Oven 1 or 2 six meter long low profile oven
Cylinder Drying Section 3 or 5 steam heated cylinders
Waxing Unit Steam heated with variable speed drive
Cooling Chamber (Optional) with air flow in yarn direction
Take-Up Tension 8-50kg standard (optional as required for styling)
Maximum Take-Up Speed 500m/min.
Production Speed 250 to 450m/min. depending on yarn styling
Control software: IEC 61131-3 compliant
Zone Control: Tension control using load cell feedback
Drives: Yaskawa A1000 AC Vector/Servo

Creel (SES)


Two creel options are available, one which eliminates the need for a direct warper and feeds the sizing machine directly from a package creel. The second incorporates an unwind stand that uses direct warper beams to feed the sizer. Regardless of which creel is required, Ukil has the design to deliver the ends into the sizer at a consistent tension throughout the length of the set in all running conditions. One additional option is to have both types of creels to be able to run from a package as well as from a direct warper beam.

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SES Sizing Box


The UKIL eXpert Squeezer-F size box is designed to provide consistent, quality squeezing of the yarn as it passes through the box. The conventional roll arrangement provides superior size application using an immersion roll, master driven roll and the final squeeze roll. Size is continuously circulated from the size reservoir to the spraybar/recirculation inlets to the overflow weir through the screen filter and back to the reservoir.

A two roll dry feed assembly delivers the yarn to the size box and is automatically tension controlled using a load cell roll.

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Wet-Split Assembly


The eXpert Wet-Split is used to separate the ends so no yarn ends are touching each other throughout the pre-dry ovens. The rods are 20mm in diameter, made from 304 stainless steel and chrome plated with a satin finish. A fractional horsepower gearmotor and is used to rotate the rods at 8 rpm in the direction of yarn flow. Each rod has a rotary joint to circulate cold water. A stainless steel pan is provided to capture any condensation falling from the wet split rods. A steam mister tube is located underneath the rods to apply additional humidity for the rods to sweat. A comb is used to separate ends within each sheet and fan oscillates (to prevent sticking) when the machine is in slow or stop mode.


Expert Pre-Dry Oven


The eXpert Pre-Dryer uses hot air to pre-dry the ends prior to entering the drying cylinder section. Once the yarn sheet exits the wet-split assembly the sheets are divided up into multiple sheets which increases the spacing between the ends. The ends are pre-dried without touching each other. Very low broken filament is achieved by drying the ends to the point where they won’t stick together once they enter the cylinder drying section.

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Drying Section


The UKIL eXpert Dyer cylinder drying section is designed to provide consistent, quality drying of the wet yarn as it passes through the drying section. The yarn exits the pre-dry oven into the drying section.  We have a wide range of methods to drive the cylinders with single motor, multi-motor and combination driven/freewheeling systems. All designs use load cell rolls at the entrance and exit to minimize the tension/stretch of the yarn sheet. Precise control ensures the highest possible performance in weaving.

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Expert Winder


The UKIL eXpert Winder is designed to provide consistent beam winding performance, stable and consistent tension control, and easy, safe use to the operator. Heavy duty steel fabrication eliminates flexing common to many designs. Large frame rails and cross members are matched to the expected loads and working width required for the application. New beam startup is an operator “hands off” experience. The operator will tape the yarn sheet to the beam and press the run button. The control system takes care of wrapping the yarn on the core, applying tension, and ramping back up to speed. No operator adjustments are required. This is a safer and more precise method. Weaving can continue to the last meter. Yarn waste at the beam start is eliminated and start up is quicker.

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SES Drive/Control


The UKIL drive/process control system utilizes the latest in hardware and software technology to offer the best performance, most dependable service and easiest system to operate available. A color touchscreen is used to display operating conditions and initiating commands. The graphic program is specialized for sizing machine operation with easy to understand symbols and illustrations. The software includes a machine control program running on the PC under Microsoft Windows 7 with a real time extension. Control software is IEC 61131-3 compliant, the operator interface utilizes Microsoft Visual Basic. The Ethercat communication is a fast, reliable, “state of the art” control system for the 21st century.

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