Ukil | Sizing Box Sheeting
Ukil Machinery Company are international textile warping experts. Ukil manufactures direct warpers, sectional warpers and spun sizing products.
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Sizing Box Sheeting

Sheeting Size Box

The UKIL eXpert Squeezer size box is designed to provide consistent, quality squeezing of the yarn as it passes through the box. The unique three roll configuration achieves the effect of a “double dip – double nip” execution in both single and double box machines. The yarn exits the squeeze roll by a perfect tangential nip which reduces yarn hairiness and also gives the operator 360° access to the size box. Hard size marks caused when the machine stops are eliminated by the use of the nip pool and size circulation system. Once the yarn comes in contact with the size, it’s always in a hot moist environment preventing the size from drying even when the machine stops.



The framework is all stainless steel construction and all internal surfaces of the size pan are Teflon coated for easy/fast cleaning to reduce size build-up. Two roll dry feed assembly delivers the yarn to the size box and is automatically tension controlled using a load cell roll.

General Specifications PDF

Vertical Yarn Exit


Spray-Bar/Nip Pool

Standard Specifications

Number of size boxes: 1 or 2 Vertical Exit DDDS
Working width: 1800 / 2000 / 2200 / 2400mm
Draw Roll Assy. (tension controlled): Motor driven
#1 Squeeze roll rubber covered:  150mmØ x working width + 200mm
Size Rock driven roll:  230mmØ working width + 200mm
#2 Squeeze roll rubber covered: 230mm Ø uni-squeeze x working width + 200mm
Squeeze roll rubber coverings: 65 durometer
#1 Squeeze roll loading: 0-20kN
#2 Squeeze roll loading: 0-40kN
Seal-less pan design:  Roll journals are above the size level which eliminate the need for shaft seals
Sheet exit:  Single or wet-split
Tension control:  by load cell rolls (± 1.0 GPE)
Stretch:  Monitored to within 0.01% stretch
Pan capacity (Teflon coated):  180 / 200 /220 / 240 liters
Filtration:  Screen type
Size temperature control: RTD/on-off steam valve
Size heating:  direct steam heating
Size level control: by Over-flow weir
Size add-on:  by continuous calculation from size consumption and speed/yarn throughput – size add-on control using PLEVA (optional)
Storage kettle:  Closed steam coil / 1200 / 1500 / 2000 liter
Cooking kettle:  Open steam coil 1000 liter
Kettle pumps: From cooker to storage and storage to sizer
Controls:   Temperature control for each kettle


Size Box Drawings